Sporty and not playing your A Game?

Claire speaks about a particular lung issue affecting an Athlete’s semi-final performance in Ice Hockey … a Queenslander what’s more.

Who knew that there are enough Ice Hockey fanatics to make a league in Queensland?!?

ANF can assist in all sorts of scenarios. One client had a virus, NOT COVID, just your typical run of the mill winter virus. He had been under a lot of stress and thus his immune system was compromised.

His stress reliever though, is to play team sport and his sport of choice is ice hockey .. interesting choice for a Queenslander (just saying). When coming up to his semi-final, the last thing he wanted was not to be able to breathe due to a virus. Thus, into the clinic with Claire he went.

He was at the end of the virus where he just had the real chesty cough left which made it difficult to breathe and thus play.

So Claire disc’d his lungs and listened to his chest pre and post with the stethoscope. Before ANF disc’ing, chest noises were wheezy and chunky. Immediately afterwards, was almost clear.

The best thing though was our athlete played like a champ on the weekend and is now through to the finals! WINNING … literally!

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