February Fabulousness

Welcome to fabulous February where we are going to share lots of things to make it superb!

Starting off with a Feb fast … what better way to achieve fabulousness than letting go of a habit for a while to allow the body to reset.

Watch the video to see what Claire is giving up this February in order to be a better self. ๐Ÿ™‚

Suzie, unlike Claire, isn’t needing to give up alcohol for better health … having a 3month old reliant on her for food has meant that alcohol is a thing of the past right now.

However, in the months of pregnancy and entertaining her folks for 4months, a number of non-ideal food habits have crept back in. So in the spirit of her being in better health, Suzie is going to give up all processed sugar for the month of Feb!

Wish her luck!!

What could you give up this Feb to make you more fabulous?

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