Social Goals

Why not? 😅😂

We are all, by nature, social beings and with the global health situation going on right now, I’m pretty sure that our social lives have been altered or put to a halt somehow. 😞

Well, this shouldn’t be the case, right? Let’s make it a point to still live our social lives without compromising our overall health.

As this month’s new year theme comes to a close, let’s 📢👂🏻 listen in as Claire shares to us how we should slowly reconnect and think about the importance of our social goals in relation to our entire being. ❣️

📌Shoulder Pain

ANF Therapy® Before and After Results on Patient with Shoulder Pain

Van has a shoulder issue. After a few disc placements, there is improvement in his range of motion.

🤔 Hard to believe? See for yourself! 😲⬆️

It’s true that the global health situation really disrupted the way we interact with others. But, sooner or later, when things start to get back to how it was, we have to already be mentally and socially prepared for it.

📌 Here’s sharing some ways to get back to your social skills after a long time of isolation 👈🏻⬅️

✔️ Communicate – before making plans with family or friends, ask and consider their comfort level with social gatherings

✔️ Don’t shy away from awkward moments – don’t be so embarrassed by an awkward encounter that you are afraid to try again

✔️ Extend grace to others – if conversations are one-sided, don’t judge harshly – give people a pass at first

✔️ Listen to your body – if you’re feeling unwell and you find social interactions a little stressful, don’t push too hard – make an appointment with your doctor

✔️ Don’t give up – when one interaction doesn’t go well, don’t shred your social calendar and retreat into isolation again

We’ve been a little bit disconnected over the last couple of years. So please, start reconnecting. It’s really super important for your health, and it’s super important for your brain. It’s super important for your heart.

Just try not to overwhelm yourself too much. Anything that you can do to keep your sanity while in isolation, go for it! 🙌🏻

Reconnect little by little, fill that social cup. Eventually, we’ll all get there. 🙏🏻🤞🏻 It won’t always be like this anyway, so take it one step at a time. 👣😎

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