“Coast pain sufferers flock to try holistic therapy”

That was the online title for the Sunshine Coast article written up about Cluzie Clinic … check it out! ๐Ÿ™‚

After the article written in the Sunshine Coast Daily by Abbey Cannon 6 weeks ago, Sunny Coast residents have flocked to Cluzie Clinic to see Claire for their back pain ailments.

Doing some basic analysis on the results warranted a second write up in the paper on PAGE TWO!!

With 28 clients having completed their session plans:
– pain went from 6/10 to <1/10 upon palpation
– an average of 3.25 sessions was completed
– an average of $364 was spent in TOTAL

Love though that even though they only came in with back pain, Claire went through the full assessment, head to toe, knowing the ANF principle of “where it hurts” is not always “the root cause”.

For these 28 clients, 50% of them did not have a root cause in the back!!!

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