Do you know what is the only organ ‘man’ has not been able to copy and replace?


Claire shares about how much she LOVES the liver and that it IS the engine for the body! Itย IS responsible for 2000+ functions!
That is one very busy and important organ!

Placebo? Absolutely NOT! Andrew Ching (ANF therapist and Chiropractor) has the lab reports to show it.
Background: April 2019, our patient came in experiencing excruciating pain around her neck, jaw, shoulder and arm, along with various other conditions like tinnitus, arm numbness and swollen/harden tongue. We assessed her and found that she had multiple organ, gland and lymphatic inflammation. She was advised to do some lab tests in June 2019 for a baseline reference of her liver and blood profile. True enough, her liver markers were raised way above the acceptable range.
After just one round of ANF Therapy and chiropractic adjustment, patient reported 60% reduction in pain levels! Continuing on diligently with her ANF Therapy and chiro sessions, she did another lab test in September 2019. Lo and behold, her liver profile has improved tremendously! It is still a work-in-progress, but she has steadily experienced significant reduction in pain, her tongue has soften, her arm numbness gone, her immune system improved and interestingly enough, many of her friends even complimented that her skin is glowing.
She also reported having much better and deeper sleep; something she did not realize she was missing, until she started getting good quality sleep since being on ANF Therapy.
Woah. What can we say? We are ELATED of course! It is always such an indescribable feeling of joy, satisfaction and gratitude to be able to help our patients the way we do….

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