Are you exercising or doing “diddly squats” 

Temeka above came in with a painful knee. Before any ANF discs she could only squat with about a 20 degree range and it was VERY painful.

After the first session, and within 15 minutes, she could now increase the range to 45 degrees and with limited pain.

A week later, Temeka came back and she still had some residual pain so we disc’d her with a higher frequency discs this time, and bang no pain and she was able to get to 90 degrees … WINNING!

So Claire gets instructions on the videos to prepare however the info for this particular video from Suzie was pretty light on with the instruction literally “do a video on something about squats”

Well, Claire to her credit, did just that … check it out to see what she decided was important enough to share!

Big burly Rhys with his squat action change!

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