It’s our body’s butterfly, our thyroid!

Our thyroid plays a massive role in releasing hormones which control metabolism and these hormones regulate vital functions of our body including breathing, heart rate, muscle strength and many more!

Listen in as Claire talks more about this very important part of our body and why it sometimes gets a bad reputation – poor little butterfly getting blamed for dysfunction!

One Cluzie Clinic client has an overactive thyroid. Every time she gets stressed, the thyroid (located at the neck where males have the Adams Apple), blows up like a balloon.

When she came into the clinic, she was a typical example of your problem may not be your problem i.e. if we only looked at the thyroid part of her body, then would not get a complete solution.

Instead, we realised we had to support her emotions as it was obvious the link between stress and the impact to the thyroids.

In addition, Claire applied ANF discs to her hypothalamus, adrenals and thyroids. This allowed for the whole body to be supported and not just one little body part.

Some facts about 莞拎劾唐♀莞恫劾hh突色

Hypothyroidism is a disorder of the endocrine system in which the thyroid gland doesnt produce enough hormone. It also called underactive thyroid.

Signs and symptoms

. Fatigue

. Cold sensitivity

. Constipation and dry skin

. Weight gain and hoarseness of voice

. Muscle weakness

. Elevated blood cholesterol level

. Pain and swelling joints

. Heavier or irregular menstrual periods

. Depression

. Goitre (enlargement of thyroid gland)

“If you notice you’ve got any swelling in your thyroid area or if you’re low in energy, please go to your doctor and have it looked at because the thyroid has the tendency to become really really big and it might interfere with your breathing”

Take time to listen to your body!

Find a practitioner, whether it be a naturopath, a really good holistic doctor, a functional doctor or someone that is practicing ANF at a high level (like Claire!), who knows how the body interacts together!

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