It’s kidney awareness week!

A new payment option? That’s how important our kidneys are!

Our kidneys are super important! They’re a vital organ in our body that does a variety of tasks. One very critical function of our kidney is that it gives a signal to our bone marrow on when to create red blood cells. Why is this critical ❓❗

Listen in as Claire talks more about it, and a lot more!!!

Functions of the Kidney

These bean-shaped organs are only about the size of a fist, but they do wondrous things! We need to keep them healthy so they can do their jobs properly. Why?

Having kidney disease affects more than your physical health. It also impacts your social life, relationships and emotional wellbeing. Imagine visiting the hospital three times a week for a four-hour dialysis session – how would you fit this around work, or looking after children, or going on holiday?

One of our Cluzie Clinic clients had a horrible complication of having a CT Scan … her kidneys got knocked around.

So what happened was she had the CT scan where a dye is injected called contrast. This contrast fluid got into the kidneys and damaged them.

The kidneys are super important as they regulate blood pressure, get rid of waste, get rid of electrolytes, etc.

So when this client came into the clinic, Claire put specific kidney discs on her to help.

Her kidney function improved dramatically and is backed up with regular blood test results … winning!

“The kidneys might be small, they may live near the back but they are super, super important! You have two, that’s how important they are.”

Let’s not forget that regardless how small or big something is, it serves its value and purpose. We need to learn to appreciate and care for it!

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