Health Effects of Sugar

A little too confusing 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Did you know?
These are the chemicals typically used to make white refined SUGAR! 😲

‼Sulfur Dioxide – to turn it white – released by factories with fossil fuel and reacts with the atmosphere to create acid rain! 
‼Phosphoric Acid – basically a battery acid to your teeth! AND skin and respiratory irritants. 
‼Calcium Hydroxide – used to purify the sugars prior to crystal evaporation – can cause vision loss, severe throat pain/skin and eye irritation, bloody stools, vomiting, low blood pressure, organ damage, breathing difficulties, tissue necrosis

📣🔊 Listen in as Claire goes through alternative options to white refined sugar in this video.

📌 Eating too much can significantly harm your health and it doesn’t take long before these added calories show up as either bloat or other symptoms like acne. Some people may try cutting down on their intake but this isn’t always an effective measure since we’re often not aware of just what goes into our favorite treats: 🍕 pizza loaded with cheese; 🍨 ice cream swirled around peanut butter cups –the list could go on. 

It’s easy to underestimate how much sugar you consume. One of the reasons is because many foods contain hidden sugars, including some that would surprise even the most ardent sweetener hater! 😲

Here are some examples of foods and drinks that may contain sugar more than you’d think 👈

Patient with fibromyalgia, gut, lymph, emotional issues and now a Flare of Piriformis Syndrome

“The change in her tone of voice, brightness in her face, bounce in her step and lightness of her being post-treatment made me near weepy. This is why ANF.” – Christine Camara (ANF Practitioner & Instructor)

Your body needs sugar but you just need to put the right sugar in.

Truth be told, sugar is a delicious treat that can be found in many foods. However, too much sugar can lead to weight gain and health issues such as diabetes and obesity. This doesn’t mean you have to cut out sugar completely from your diet, but it DOES mean you should cut down on the amount of sugar you consume each day. Plus, make sure you get sugar from the right source 🧐

Yes, our body needs to eat some sugar too! It’s all about how much and when you consume it. So don’t be afraid of a little sweet tooth; just make sure to put the right kind in at the right times! You should also know where to find it and how much of it you need. 💪💯

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