All about the Epstein-Barr Virus

Bits and pieces of what we need to know

This week, we’ll be talking about one of the topics that we are very passionate about.. it’s the virus that causes glandular fever, the Epstein Barr virus.
Not everyone may know this but this, but the Epstein Barr virus is a form of herpes – once you have it, it stays in your nervous system. It makes a home in nice, warm organs. So, what does this mean?
Let’s listen in as Claire talks more about this and explains to us what happens when you get the Epstein Barr virus. Try not to miss this!

Since not everyone is aware of the Esptein-Barr virus is, here’s putting together some very informative details for you‼

Epstein-Barr virus is a human herpesvirus that causes the majority of cases of infectious mononucleosis, or mono. The virus can also lead to other serious illnesses such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Burkitt’s lymphoma in some people who have weakened immune systems. In most cases, Epstein-Barr virus is mild and will not cause lasting health problems for those infected with it, but it should be taken seriously since there are rare occasions when this illness can become fatal after years of being dormant.

Read on to learn more about the symptoms and how you can prevent contracting EBV!


One of the long-term effects of having the Epstein Barr virus is the possibility of developing endometriosis – some of the symptoms being lower back and pelvic or belly pain.

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If you’ve ever had glandular fever, please come in for a check. Let’s get you well, we don’t want to let this virus take you over.”

So while you might be tempted to think that the epstein-barr virus isn’t an issue for you personally, don’t let your guard down! The EBV can lead to a number of different serious diseases – therefore should not be taken lightly.

Well, just like a computer, when a virus hits our body, does it run efficiently? Or does it just slowly disintegrate over time? I think we know the answer to that.

So, don’t be afraid to be “scanned” every so often, your body deserves it.

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