Last week, I talked about spring cleaning the house, well today it is all about spring cleaning your chemicals out of the house.

Maybe we should have changed the order of this so that all those A+ superstars who spring cleaned their house last week, threw out the chemical cleaning products prior to doing it.

Whoopsy, hindsight is wonderful!

Another Cluzie Clinic Client Story 

A lady grew up on a farm with crops and heaps of chemical spraying for the crops.

Being the good kid she was, she was outside all the time, overdosing on all of those chemicals whilst riding the horse and helping out on the farm.

Fast-forward to today and she has a laundry list of health complaints: general fatigue, sore knees, swollen knees and ankles, hand pain, back weakness, tight hip flexors, heart palpitations, dizziness, acid reflux … the list goes on.

Surprise surprise, her lymphatics system was extremely compromised and VERY VERY SORE!

Within four ANF sessions, the swelling was done, the pain was decreased, energy was better, sleep was awesome … WINNING!

Check out this article from the National Geographic about chemicals in bodies that just should not be at the level they are.

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