Are you one of the 3.24 Million people suffering from chronic pain in Australia?

Deloitte researched the cost of chronic pain in Australia in 2018. The total financial cost of chronic pain in 2018 was $73.2 Billion dollars. That is a lot of money!! Plus, it is only going to get worse.

This is because the current out-dated healthcare solution is to pop a pill. All this does is mask the symptom of the pain and does not doing anything to sort out the source / root cause of the issue. Whether the pill is an over-the-counter painkiller or a pharmaceutical drug, the outcome is the same.


ANF therapy has such a positive impact on people living with chronic pain because of sooo many reasons.

1) The ANF therapist is trained to look at the bodies’ hierarchy of dysfunction. Basically ‘the manual’ for the source of the pain issue. By investigating and focusing the solution on the source of the issue, the pain symptoms are resolved.

2) 10,000 clients worldwide receive immediate results of 85% of them having 50% reduction in pain within 15 minutes. When they complete the full ANF disc’ing plan, statistically they are more likely to have long-term result of being pain-free. PHENOMENAL RESULTS!

3) ANF therapy is the opposite of painkillers where painkillers put more toxins into an already overstocked body. ANF therapy enables the body to remove toxins by cleansing the lymphatic system and making it flow.

4) Drugs mask the symptom. They are an external force trying to impact the body. ANF discs are just information holders that the body can use to self-heal and self-regulate. I.e. they are not an external ‘thing’ aiming to influence the body.

5) ANF discs have NO side effects. You may get a detox however that is just the discs doing their job of reducing the toxins from your body.

This is very different to drugs where there are pages of side effects that can do a lot of damage.

All in all, ANF therapy is definitely a better long-term solution.

Another common healthcare solution is surgery, however there are impacts to the body long-term too. Check out Claire’s detail on what going under the knife will really do! 

Results from man hit by CAR!

Our friends at Arc of Life Chiropractic had a client who got hit by a reversing car on the 2nd of Sept! He was bruised and damaged with HUGE HAEMATOMA, extensive OEDEMA & MUSCULAR TEAR.

Luckily, he did not get any broken bones. Post-accident, besides suffering from the extensive swelling and pain, he had difficulty walking, sitting, bending his right knee, moving and getting in and out of the car.

11 SEPT 2019: Patient visited the clinic after hospital discharge and we disc-ed him up with ANF to reduce the swelling, pain and inflammation.

After a short while, he reported feeling immediate pain relief and mobility improved, which later allowed him to get in & out of the car with ease.

His lovely wife diligently made a pictorial account of his healing process in the days that followed. See the pictures on how quickly the haematoma bruising healed in record time!

In case haematoma is a new word for the dictionary, ones of this size would usually take weeks or even up to months to heal.

20 SEPT 2019: Patient made his 2nd post-accident visit to the clinic. The haematoma was 90% cleared. Oedema swelling greatly reduced. He came in limping with a walking stick, and told that the residual pain and stiffness made it painful and difficult for him to bend his knees.

After ANF disc-ing, he was able to move with ease, bend his knees and even walked out of the clinic without his walking stick! Best thing was, he was even able to humour them with a “Karate Kid Pose” before leaving the clinic!. How awesome is that?

The effectiveness of ANF Therapy gets us each and every time. . .

To your Health
The Cluzie Team

P.s. if you or anybody you know, is thinking about surgery, please do yourself / them a favour and book in to see Claire first. We have helped sooo many people escape the trauma of the surgery knife through completing a full disc therapy plan. 

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