Fertility > Pregnancy: what do we really know? 

Check out the attached article for all the deets however, they have come up with 15 reasons why people can’t get pregnant …
– too fat
– too thin
– too old
– too fitness fanatical
– smoker
– drinker (alcohol)
– drinker (caffeine)
– bad genetics
– household chemicals
– currently breastfeeding
– injectable birth control
– thyroid disease
– medical conditions
– sexual health history
– stress

Whilst all of these sound plausible, a lot of them are symptoms and not root cause analysis. That is something that is lacking currently is looking at the whole system of the human and finding out what is the root cause of the issue and then looking to resolve that!


More Cluzie Director personal stories …

So last week we heard all about Suzie’s period woes … well period issues are highly linked with difficulty getting pregnant.

Well in Suzie and Claire case, they did some Mikel (ANF inventor) protocols in order to prepare the vessel for sperm injection.

The first insemination was ill-timed as Claire had just gotten back from Spain and was doing all sorts of disc’ing experiments. Suzie’s period was also very bizarre however they went ahead with insemination anyway. – no surprise no baby Cluzie was created. (Suzie was maybe very grateful for this as we had promised Mikel that if it happened first pop, that we would name the kid after him :-0)

The second insemination attempt, was filled with stress as Suzie last minute got bloods back to say today is the day however she was in Melbourne and needed to be in Brissy. Changed flights and jumped on a plane straight to the Dr’s office. However, with all that stress, was it any surprise that again – no Cluzie babe was bred.

Third time round, Suzie had been resting for a week in preparation, all the signs were good, and pop the Cluzie cheeky monkey popped into existence :-).

Just a little anecdotal story around what can happen.

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