ANF: A Revolutionary Healthcare

Funny quote on combining medications into one convenient dose

Our medical world loves to prescribe drugs for EVERYTHING, yet the sick are getting sicker!

Did you know?

  • In 2016-17, 280 million prescriptions were dispensed under the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) for Australia
  • Chronic Pain alone cost ~$139 Billion in Australia in 2018
  • More than 1000 Australians a year are DYING from Opioid misuse (i.e. Panadeine Forte)

Painkillers mask the reason why you have the pain. The symptom is the pain but treating the “pain” is not addressing the root cause.

Narcotic medications don’t actually address the pain at all, they just elevate your mood so you care less about your pain, but you’re still IN the pain..

Now, we know we are speaking to the converted on this. However, if you have any friends who are yet to try ANF therapy, there are a couple of EXCELLENT resources below to share with them if they are open-minded enough to try something new. 

Listen in as Claire talks about the newest revolutionary health therapy that has been used in Europe effectively for 9 years, and now is taking the rest of the world by storm – including Australia!

It is so overwhelming to see how the ANF Therapy has changed many, many lives..

Find out some need-to-know facts and client stories here

This little girl has an inverted rotation. She could not run nor walk without falling. See her amazing development in just 2 days. This is after 20 min of ANF disc application.
Who would have thought that an activity like gardening can cause so much pain? Well, here’s proof of what some people may experience after prolonged squatting while gardening…
For this gentleman, the pain was so bad that it affected his ability to straighten and walk. Thankfully, after a combo of some soft tissue work + ANF Therapy, he was able to stand up much straighter and walk much better.
With the help of ANF , this lovely lady was finally able to use her left arm and drink a glass of water after 2 years
First video: Before ANF
Second video: within 10 minutes after the application of ANF discs.

Aren’t these amazing?

We may live in a culture where we can just “pop a pill”, but remember:

  • A prescription isn’t always the answer
  • To look at the body as a whole, not separate pieces
  • To find a therapist that addresses the root cause

Masking the pain is just a band-aid solution.. what we aim for is getting to the root cause and eventually relieving the pain in the long-term

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