Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Don’t let the name fool you: CFS is a lot more than just being tired. This fatigue is profound and is often accompanied by what many people describe as a “nasty flu” which never seems to get better.

It’s important to realize that fatigue is one of the top complaints doctors hear because it can be a factor of so many conditions, but further investigation still needs to be done

CFS is devastating! It is one of those diagnosis that doesn’t have a test. Generally, when there’s been a group of symptoms coming together, and when it meets a certain criteria, the doctor will diagnose it as chronic fatigue.

Watch and listen in as Claire talks about her experience with what may cause chronic fatigue and how we, at Cluzie Clinic, pitch in to improve the quality of life of our patients.
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One of our gorgeous young 20’s clients had been suffering from chronic fatigue for years. With a couple of young kids, she was devastated that she could not get out and about and play with them in the way that she had always envisaged. She was struggling to complete full days at work and her relationship was suffering as she just did not have the energy to get off the couch.

Fast track to today after four ANF sessions, she is literally bouncing off the walls with energy. Her life has done a 180 and she is being the mum and wife she is proud of being. 

With “thank yous” like this, we are so happy that we can be delivering what we do! 
Margaret came in with a sore foot which she’s had for a few months now, tried some injections like cortizone due to desperation, but nothing seemed to work.
After using ANF discs on her foot and knee, her pain level went down to 2-3 compared to an 8-9! Awesome!

“If you know someone with chronic fatigue, give them some EMPATHY. It’s not their fault and it’s quite horrible for them.”


Care and be there for them

A course of action is always at hand

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