Mental Health Month: Anxiety

Anxiety is running rife through the world right now due to all the fear associated with the virus, being socially disconnected, financial stress.

If you are finding yourself going down the black rabbit hole, please get in touch!

Anxiety can affect so many people and in different ways 

A gorgeous youngster whom comes into the clinic suffers from anxiety and panic attacks.

She lives a full life full of vibrancy and active participation in work and is very busy however as soon as there is unsettlement, the shakes start, the breathe goes to gasps, the mind closes down and it just is not pleasant.

After a few sessions with Claire focusing on where she feels the anxiety in her body, they were able to reduce the number of panic attacks and the shakes were less prevalent in daily life.

Add in some holistic coping mechanisms around breathing and meditation, we aim to have a long-term impact.

Daniel is STRESSED out! 
He has a heap going on with his work team in Europe, toxic people in his life, the no socialising and everything in between.

On top of that, his lover has birthed a delightful little boy into this world. Now, the son is definitely not the ‘stressful’ component however, there is concern around being first time parents and ‘are we doing it right?”, always comes into play.

When you come in with stress to the clinic, it is not like pain where you can immediately feel the change after being ANF disc’d. You need to go home and see how you sleep, whether you handle the challenges in the day differently or if everything still gets on top of you.

We also find people who come in with stress, it is so easy to forget the bad times of before and move on and not ‘see’ the improvements that we can in their face, breathing, confidence and eyes.

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