Headaches! Oh headaches!

“Heachache… changes your personality. Pain changes you as a person. Nobody wants to hang around with somebody that’s cranky.”

Even though there is high incidence of occurrence, headaches are NOT a normal way of living and it’s just a matter of finding out what this pain is trying to tell us about what is wrong with our body that needs to be addressed.

Listen in as Claire talks about the causes and long-term effects of headaches and some tips to lessen their likelihood of happening. Remember, headaches are NOT normal!

As Claire mentioned on Ticker Health episode, headaches can be caused from a multitude of things so it is really putting on the “Human Pain Investigator” hat to work out where the pain is actually coming from.

One of Cluzie Clinic clients had horrible headaches and it wasn’t until Claire worked out that it was actually coming from the chemicals he was working with in the cleaning industry, did they have a chance of working out what to do.

With chemical poisoning, a big clear out of the lymphatics has to occur in order for the entire human sewerage system to start working more effectively. Once that is cleaned up and changes are made in the cleaning process … so that the poisoning isn’t occurring again and again … suddenly the pain can go away.

We’ve all experienced this but please know that… headaches aren’t normal!

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