Jokes about menstrual cycles are not funny … PERIOD! 

Period pain for some can be a horrific part of the month. For others, they haven’t had it for ages. Some women go CRAZY, some are sane.
It is a bit hit and miss if it happens to you.
However, if you do get that dreadful painful period where you absolutely hate that time of the month, this week is for you!
First up, we have an article on how current medicine deals with painful periods if home remedies don’t work:
1) Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Over-the counter or prescription
2) Other pain relievers. Over-the counter or prescription
3) Anti-depressants – to lessen the mood swings
If you don’t really like all the side-effects of current drugs OR don’t consider yourself depressed … there are not many options currently explored for period pain.
Here is HealthLine’s information:

Personal Cluzie Director story …

So Suzie is NOT normal. In one way in particular that she is not normal is in her period history.
In her 20’s, she had painful periods and got diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and got treated with the pill.
After a few years, she got jack of all of the side effects of the pill and stopped taking it.

Then in her 30’s, her period DISAPPEARED! Quite literally, she had two periods in the space of 18 months. She had every test known to conventional medicine to work out what was going on.

I mean, Suzie even had tests for brain tumours however, traditional medicine could find nothing and treat nothing and the advice was just to wait.

A woowoo energy healing later, and whoop she got her period back.

Then in early 2019, her periods were back with a vengeance, causing Suzie sooo much pain that she would end up in the toilet vomiting from the pain and lasting for nine days. NOT FUN AT ALL!

So let the disc’ing begin. Six sessions twice a month later, and her period still hurt BUT for 1-2 hours only and dramatically reduced … no more hugging of the porcelain bus.

Plus, the first time Claire disc’d Suzie, wow the blood that came out during that period was so rotten, it stank and black brown in colour, huge globulets etc – very funky!

12 months later, and the occasional top-up ANF session, Suzie is still happy days with her period pain.
So even though this is an extreme case, if you have period pain and don’t want it, may be time to get in contact with Cluzie Clinic!

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