Can knee pain be impacted by ovaries? 

One of the curlier facts is, well THREE clients have come in complaining about their knee pain however upon palpation, the ovaries were ‘off the charts’ sore in comparison to the knee.

Based on how ANF works, we work on the ‘Hierarchy of Dysfunction’ and focus disc placement based off what is top priority that is showing up upon physical examination.

Hence, why you can’t just get discs over the counter as you need to be ‘felt up’ … or more clinically correct ‘palpated’ … or how the Client feels it ‘finding the painful bits’.

It is this pain information which dictates the disc placement based on the hierarchy of dysfunction.

So back to the ovaries and knee pain. These 3 Clients were all jumping off the table when the ovaries were getting palpated however the knee pain was bearable.

So Claire whacked 3 discs on the ovaries and low and behold, the knee pain decreased.

Enjoy this video all about the endometriosis!

Jessica Robie knows what it is like to be in extreme pain with her ‘monthlies’

A ‘normal’ experience of the monthly period is unheard of. Claire’s period is 3 days with basically no pain. Suzie’s period is 7-8 days with what was previously (before ANF session) extreme, crippling pain to the point of vomiting. However, Claire’s version of ‘normal’ is achievable!

Back to Jessica’s story … She has undiagnosed endometriosis with cramping that is sometimes horrendous.

She has a super high pain tolerance as she does mixed martial arts / Krav Maga, and works with horses. However, when that monthly comes along, she can be brought to tears whilst lying on the bathroom floor from the pain. She gets so affected that she can’t see straight and her legs throb, filled with stabbing pains. This pain can go on for 24 hours straight.

With her last period though, she disc’d up.

Whilst disc’ing, she measured her oxygen levels and heart rate. Before any discs, oxygen was 95 (low) and heart rate 102. Within 5 minutes of application of first disc, oxygen improved to 97 and heart rate to 88. After 3 discs, oxygen came up to 98 and heart rate down to 70. Thirty minutes later, Jessica was playing volleyball and swimming in the pool.

In her own words “This stuff is amazing! / a lifesaver!” – Jessica Robie

600,000 Australian women are estimated to be affected by Endometriosis a chronic condition!!

It also costs the economy roughly $7.4 billion a year, including direct healthcare costs, according to the co-founder of advocacy group EndoActive, Lesley Freedman.

The attached ABC news article refers to how 1 in ten people with endometriosis are self-medicating with cannabis. They are choosing to do so so that they don’t have to take heavier drugs like Endone or Morphine which have oodles of side effects.

The current medical treatment for endometriosis is pain management, surgery, or hormonal treatments. None of these choices sound fabulous to us.

Like any chronic health problem, ANF Therapy works terrifically with these issues. This is because of how ANF works to normalise the body and the body is just not designed to be in chronic pain or to have chronic illnesses.

Sometimes you hear stories of “how the body is fighting itself”. At Cluzie Clinic, we believe the body is just too amazing and would not be beating itself up unless that was the best option left available to it with the resources it has currently.

Thus, we think in regards to chronic illnesses like endometriosis, the current medical world has a while to go to catch up to the results that we see with using ANF therapy instead.

You can check out the news article here to find out more about what people are doing who have endometriosis currently.

To Your Health!
From the Cluzie Team

P.s. If you know anybody going through the PAIN of the monthlies, please get them to give us a call. That pain is not necessary and can be removed from life! 

A little funny to end it :-).
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