Lymphatic System: Our body’s super highway

Did you know that our bodies have a “super highway”?

Yes! It’s our lymphatic system — It is made up of a large network of vessels, lymph fluid, lymph nodes, glands and organs.

The lymph “highway” should flow like a clear, clean river. When it gets clogged up with waste it becomes more like a sludge creek. The lymph nodes are unable to filter waste, as too your liver, so you get a backlog of waste in your tissues/muscles/cells; this results in inflammation, disease and dysfunction.

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Listen in as Claire talks about what the lymphatic system actually does in the body, what happens when it gets ‘jammed up’, and how you can easily and simply keep it moving and keep ourselves healthy!

Claire has spoken regularly on the second top most priority system for the human body … the LYMPHATICS.

In the Clinic, she has had to clean out peoples’ lymphatics for such a variety of reasons. Here are just 7 examples >>>

  1. Surgery with drugs and pharmaceuticals – so many people have surgery and fill their body with pain-resolving toxins which then clog up the lymphatic system making it sluggish and making you tired and sore!
  2. Chemical overload from cleaning products at home. Again, these toxins infiltrating our systems and making our lymphatic system compromised.
  3. A trauma, whether it is physical, emotional or mental, can materialize in blocking up the human sewerage system.
  4. Getting around by bicycle in populated cities like Melbourne! Breathing in all those auto and city building fumes ain’t healthy for the lymphatic system as it can just get overloaded.
  5. The DNA you inherited going back 17 generations – if you had miners, fighters or farmers in your genealogy, you will have inherited their DNA and their DNA issues. If they were a farmer spraying chemicals, wham bam goes your lymphatic system again.
  6. Illnesses like fibromyalgia and other auto-immune issues almost always have to have a lymphatic clean out.
  7. Viruses like Epstein-Barr, Glandular Fever, Herpes … these can all lie dormant in your lymphatic system, however still putting pressure on your overall health for the long term.

There are so many reasons why your lymphatic system could be compromised and here are just a handful that we have seen in the clinic.

“Even the fit and healthiest people can still be struck down… why is that?
It’s because of our “super highway” — our lymphatic system!”

This works as our sewerage system and at the same time our immune system. If it doesn’t flow, we get sick! A lot of times this gets overlooked in healthcare but it is in fact the cornerstone and the most important system in our body.

So, remember to keep your lymphatics flowing ‼

  • Find an ANF practitioner to get your lymphatics checked out
  • Walking gets the lymphatics pumping and helps to unclog the highway
  • Lymphatics get moving with actions like windmilling your arms, jumping up and down, nodding your head, etc.
  • Do breathing exercises
  • Remove as many chemical and toxins from your life as possible
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