Feel Good Week at Cluzie Clinic! 

This video is a favourite – LOVE LOVE LOVE! Adam Roa sings inspiring lyrics to a cool tune.

Claire explains how you can FEEL GOOD!

The happy hormone neurotransmitters are:
– dopamine
– serotonin
– oxytocin

Well they are created in your gut. So if your gut is feeling inflamed, well that will be impacting how happy you are feeling!

In this video, Claire goes into detail as to how you can get these happy neurotransmitter feelings OTHER than the disc with the frequency of them!


We LOVE this article which is all about the “Magnetic Field of the Heart” – Heart Math Institute.

“Each individual’s thoughts, attitudes and emotions emit energetic fields. These individual field environments not only affect you, your health and perspective on life, they also can influence your relationships and experiences in your social field environments as you interact with people, or even if you are merely in the same room with other people.”

What a surprise that your energetic field affects others. There are oodles of catch phrases like:
“Like attracts Like”
“Your vibe attracts your tribe”
“Be how you want others to be”

These are all saying the same thing.

To Your Health
The Cluzie Team

P.s. if you want to take the easy way out to improve your neurotransmitters, come in and get some Serotonin or Dopamine frequency discs from Claire and get that FEEL GOOD HAPPY FEELING! 

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