DRY JULY … are you being “Spiritual”?

DRY JULY!! Are you prepared to commit to it??

Let’s start with a little convo with Claire on what the impacts of alcohol really are …

Plus, Claire puts the challenge out there for anybody that wants to accept to do an entire month of NO ALCOHOL!!!!

A little ANF story …
Have you ever drunk too much and feel like you are slurring?

Claire and Suzie had the delightful invitation to a friends’ wedding in the idyllic Langkawi, Malaysia.

On the Hen’s day, we enjoyed many a Long Island Iced Tea whilst wading in the luke warm ocean. It was a sensational setting and day of celebrations.

However, by 5pm when the two wedding parties were meeting for the night, our bride was feeling the impact of those delicious hand made drinks.

Sitting on one of the chaise lounges watching the sunset, she was definitely showing the inebriated effects of slurring words, droopy eyes, clumsiness etc.

So Claire, being the supportive bestest of friends, ran up to the rooms and grabbed a few specific liver discs. Coming back and slamming those our bride friend, it was like chalk and cheese from one moment to the next.

Suddenly, eloquence of speech came back, eyes opened wide, and our usual witty, intelligent, stylish friend was BACK!

What’s more, the next day … WOW … NO HANGOVER!!!!! From the amount we drank of those handmade cocktails, the results were phenomenal!

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