Depression as part of Mental Health Month!

There are neurotransmitters that influence your happiness vibe. These are called dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.

Give us a call at Cluzie Clinic if you would like to know how you can influence your neurotransmitters without costing you a cent!

Sometimes ‘depression’ does not show up how you imagine it too!

We had a bus driver who was away from his three kids and wife for months at a time.

He had had a number of emotional trauma’s when he was younger however he would fall into bouts of depression.

He was always tired but couldn’t sleep. He would sweat all the time and have heavy legs.

After the first disc’ing session, he was off on a month long haul bus trip.

When he came back, the only way he could describe how he felt was “different, more confident”.

However, his body was telling him he had sorted out some stuff as he was sweating no where near as much, the sciatic feeling in his legs was gone. We could tell he just felt more at peace with life.


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