Tradies Diet

Yep, only in AU!

It’s still tradies month here at Cluzie Clinic

What are we going to focus on this week? Tradies Diet! Most often than not, tradies start the day very early everyday which means more possibilities of skipping breakfast and indulging oneself into unhealthy stuff. Hmmm, sounds alarming indeed.

Listen in as Claire talks about best practices when it comes to diet, making sure that we still give emphasis to what we fuel our body to keep us going!

Good or not so good?

Our body’s performance depends a lot on our food intake. So, are we making the right choices so far?

Some common health concerns in tradies, in terms of diet include:

1. Diabetes – At a lot of servos, soft-drinks or sugar-sweetened beverages are both very common and convenient.

2. High blood pressure (hypertension) – Eating foods high in fat and salt (like lots of breads, sauces, and store-bought snacks) are common dietary choices that increase blood pressure.

3. Weight management – Although some tradies are lifting and moving all day long, this is not necessarily the norm. Many are sitting in large machinery, driving for long periods or doing paperwork. This lack of movement typically leads to weight gain and increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Let’s start making better choices now!

Another happy patient. Ankle sprain pain gone in 5 minutes! Yes it’s that quick!

If you’ve got aches and pains or know someone who has been having challenging experiences, feel free to reach out to us so we can help

“The greatest good is what we do for one another” – Mother Teresa

Try to do a little bit better for your health in terms of what you fuel yourself with and just be a little bit organized.”

A little food prep goes a long way. Try not to be tempted with the easy fast food options during the week. It needs getting used to, but you’ll get there.

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