Blood pressure results

In Men’s Health Awareness month, here is a story on a guy who had ASTRONOMICAL blood pressure results of 240/120.

After six sessions with Claire, they had managed to get his blood pressure to normalise to 140/80.

Listen to Claire’s full video to understand how they were able to achieve this phenomenal result.

The written story, for those who prefer …

Claire had a client whom had been in full on stress with his business as he is at the mercy of the natural elements. Throw in bushfires, cyclones, hail storms and drought – that is a boiling pot of stress.

For a year, his blood pressure had been 240/120 … the normal range for blood pressure is 120/80. In a hospital, all the alarms will be raised if somebody came in with blood pressure that high.

This high blood pressure meant he may have a stroke or multi organ failure AT ANY TIME.

After a year of trying all sorts of drugs that are to reduce blood pressure, the results had not improved. Inspired to try one more thing, Claire saw him in the clinic as a sceptic (of course).

Within 6 ANF sessions, the blood pressure had normalised to 140/80 – PHENOMENAL!!! It has continued to remain that way for the last month.

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