Mental Health Month!

With isolation and lockdown still affecting so many due to the pandemic, it is a very topical subject for the month of August: Mental Health.

If you are feeling fantastic, then take responsibility to reach out to someone whom may not be feeling as fantastic as you and brighten their day.

Are you feeling like a guinea pig? 

Around the world, the lockdown experience has been a lot more extreme than what we have experienced in Australia, especially in the Sunshine Coast.

So there are ANF therapists locked up with their housemates and not allowed out.

Well as a therapist, this is like a dream come true with a hostage housemate to test and try different combinations of the 250+ ANF discs on. Different combinations can cause some fun and interesting results.

However, the experience of one of our global practitioners was, that her housemate no longer wanted to be treated as the guinea pig no longer.

I am sure it had something to do with the “pain with purpose” principle of the hands on palpation techniques to determine the root cause of the pain.

Suzie has experienced many a movie, sitting on the couch with Claire where suddenly a gentle massage has turned into finding the ‘ouchy points’!

The not so cool items of being a lover (or housemate) to an ANF practitioner!

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