Pregnancy Side Effects

As a mother, you grow this love child inside of you and give it all of your resources to be created into an amazing human being.

The child repays you with a whole heap of side effects. Claire explains how ANF Therapy can help for these health impacts.

Pregnancy … oh all the joys!

Suzie, whilst pregnant, read books about how to raise the little bundle of joy. In one book, the first chapter went on for 11 pages about all the side effects that could occur during your pregnancy. Fun? I think not!

Well as ANF is drug-free and chemical free, it is the perfect solution for any pregnant mother that is unwilling to put all the toxins into her body whilst growing the love-child.

Let’s talk about some of the things that can happen whilst pregnant:

REFLUX: by placing two ANF discs over the stomach (hard to find when 9 months pregnant as your baby has moved the stomach to who knows where?), the reflux symptoms can go away.

CALF CRAMPS: Applying blood flow discs to the legs, the calf cramps magically disappear over night. No more waking up in intense agony as the calf spasms uncontrollably.

BLOOD PRESSURE: Assisting the heart with oxygen or kidney support will help.

SWOLLEN ANKLES: cardiovascular and lymphatic system support can mean those cankles disappear.

FLUID RETENTION: looking like a blown up balloon? Same as with the cankles, lymphatic ANF Disc support will assist here.

BREATHELESSNESS: applying ANF discs that support the lungs and cardiovascular system will have you playing beach volleyball right up to the 8month mark … just like the superstar, Suzie.

PAIN ANYWHERE: back / neck / arm / shoulder / headache .. you name it. When painkillers and over -the-counter drugs are not recommended by any Dr whilst pregnant, most mothers are left to suffer in silence. This is no longer an issue as ANF can assist with all pain-relief issues.

FLU/ COLD: again, there are very few solutions for pregnant mothers whom are taken out with a cold or flu. Again, ANF can assist by applying discs that assist with improving the immune system or dealing with the symptoms of the cold or flu.


So if you are, or have an friends whom are pregnant, let them know that there is a drug-free and chemical-free solution to enable a much more enjoyable pregnancy.

At Cluzie Clinic, we are working out cost-effective solutions to enable pregnant mothers to be able to enjoy the benefits of ANF without breaking the bank balance.

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