Is the financial strain from COVID worse than the impact of the disease itself?

The impact to people’s financials due to COVID is stated to be BIGGER than the health impacts of COVID. Claire shares about the strains and what to do!

Financial strain and the impact of lockdown has had a HUGE impact on businesses.

Up in the Sunny Coast, we see ‘for lease’ signs on retail property popping up EVERYWHERE!

Where we have seen the impact personally is on the ANF practitioners around the world whom can no longer treat their clients.

Lucky for us, we have partnered with a global innovation thinker that looks at trends and aims to be ahead of the trend.

Sanne, Dr Mikel’s (the ANF Inventor) wife, predicted what could happen at the start of the COVID pandemic and put action plans in place to enable the ANF practitioners to still have an income.

This forward thinking and proactive action (working around the clock), enabled some of the worldwide practitioners to develop a ‘tele-health’ service with immune support specific ANF discs as well.

Thus mitigated some of the financial impact of no longer being able to see their clients in the flesh.

Have you got an interesting story in how you personally or professionally have pivoted life to accommodate the crazy year of 2020?

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