Is there anything more debilitating than a headache?

Lyn has been having 4-5 headaches each week for YEARS! She has tried everything to work out what the issue with no success.

What we found on assessment is that her neck and headache pain was actually influenced by her lower sacrum joint. By disc’ing that area, we could get to the root cause of Lyn’s issues.

After her first disc’ing session, she had a headache the very next day howevr it felt different “more of a detox headache” and then a five day gap before her next headache. UNBELIEVABLE!

When we asked Lyn “what would it mean to you financially to no longer have headaches”, her response was “it would be priceless and she could not put a cost on that”.

Pain-killers โ€ฆ are they all they are said to be??

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