Do you love your own HEART enough??


Claire is still banging on about the impact on alcohol for Dry July however this time she is focusing on the organ, THE HEART!

Do you know how the heart is impacted by alcohol?

Kimberly Miller is an ANF practitioner superstar

10 years ago, she got diagnosed with chronic bradycardia –> a slow heart beat. Her heart beat so slow that whilst she was sleeping it was 37 beats per minute (BPM) and during the day, less than 50 BPM for 45% of the day.

That is super slow folks! She suffered from chronic fatigue, chest ache, dizziness etc. One Doctor diagnosed her with “Athletic Heart Syndrome”.

Well after being trained in ANF, she began disc’ing her heart time and time again with heart specific discs.

Going back to her original Doctor for follow up tests, the look on the Doctor’s face was ‘priceless’ as he couldn’t get over how much the heart had improved when it was in such poor shape ten years ago.

Kimberly’s heart now beats regularly at 58-65 BPM and all of the symptoms she suffered previously have disappeared.


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