Fascial Shoulder!

🥶 Frozen Shoulder syndrome isn’t as cool as it sounds..

It’s a good thing you can talk to us! 🙌🏻

Still on Fascial February! This time, we focus on our shoulders.. 🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♀️

As previously mentioned, our body is like a river, so it should be flowing. But what happens when the river narrows? There’s congestion and the shoulders is one of those places where you get said congestion. 

🔊👀 Listen in as Claire and Suzie demonstrate some fascial movement assessment and exercises we do in the clinic, that are mainly focused on the shoulders. See how much fun it is – hope you’ll have fun too‼️❣️

????Nerve inflammation, Tendinitis Biceps and Supraspinatus

We’ve been truly amazed at how ANF works and we’d like to share this with you as well. Awareness of alternative options is truly the key ????️⏬

Nerve inflammation, Tendinitis Biceps and Supraspinatus
????☝???? See the difference in range of motion after ANF Therapy®

ANF Therapy® helps decrease pain in patients suffering from an injury.

????️ A lot of us might think that joint pain is only limited to older people and athletes. Little do we know that we are all at risk of shoulder pain and have probably experienced it at least once at some point in our lives.

Here’s sharing some of the very common shoulder problems faced by a lot of people ????????⬅️

‼️Also, some other interesting facts about shoulder pain:

⭕Shoulder pain can be the consequence of a disease that you are not yet aware of.

⭕Women in the age range of 40 to 65 years are more prone to frozen shoulders.

⭕Exercising can both be a blessing and a curse on our shoulders. We want strong, healthy and flexible shoulders but bad or wrong exercise techniques can cause minor or severe destruction.

⭕Shoulder pain can lead to disturbed sleep.

Final tip: never delay a shoulder pain because prolonged shoulder injuries can be worse – let’s not wait for that to happen.

I’ve gone back to a 30-year-old body probably better than I was when I was 30.

It’s super important to get all that tissue in our body moving because if you have an active lifestyle or if you are hypermobile, stretching just doesn’t cut it.

Sometimes we feel some tension or tightness and that’s because we hardly move at all. ????????‍♀️????????‍♂️

So even if you’re just at home, do those tiny movements we’ve shared at the start of this week… and have fun while doing that! ????

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