It’s the first week of Winter, heralding the season for bugs and nasties galore!

Here are 6 simple tips to help you boost your immunity to stay in tip-top shape despite the chill:

????‍♀️ Exercise! Move your body however you most prefer, but stay active in spite of the colder mornings and darker days

???? Eat seasonal and nutritious foods: nourish your body with warming, nutrient-dense foods that are natural to the cooler season

???? Bed beckons during Winter, so be sure to listen! Having a sleep debt is a sure way to lower your immunity and make you more susceptible to colds, flu and viruses

????‍♀️ Manage stress: This can be by meditation, breathwork, putting in place boundaries and empowering yourself to say no! However you need to take control of stress so it doesn’t take control of YOU, do it.

???? Maintain hygiene: Simple and common-sense hygiene is useful all year round, and especially during the colder seasons when bacteria spreads more easily. Simple practices like washing your hands and changing bed linen regularly will assist your immune system by limiting exposure to bugs.

???? Balance and heal with ANF Therapy: ANF is a powerful mechanism to help balance the body and boost immune function..Whether you are harboring issues that need healing or you are looking for proactive health, ANF protocols will help treat the whole body and all the vital body systems to help you survive winter with vitality.

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