How do you explain Chronic Pain?

Hold onto your brain!!! And if you have chronic pain keep reading

What’s in this pic? That’s your brain and those Roman numerals are cranial nerves I II V VIII
Lymph actually drains along the nerves‼️Holy hell thats cool right?

Now imagine if the lymph doesn’t drain well and it’s backed up and toxic and overloaded and the node they drain too is clogged? The nerves and the brain don’t work so great. That’s not good

What are those cranial nerves?
I. ✔️Olfactory: That smell stuff. The only cranial nerve to bypass the thalamus so smells can attach to memories and emotion faster than any of the 12 nerves

II. ✔️Optic: Visual information. This nerve requires an extraordinary amount of brain energy to function because the eyes deliver 80% of total brain sensory input

V. ✔️Trigeminal: Responsible for sensation in the face and motor functions such as biting and chewing; it is the most complex of the cranial nerves. (Can you say trigeminal neuralgia and lymphatic?? huge connection. I treat that all the time

VIII. ✔️Vestibulocochlear nerve transmits sound and equilibrium (balance)

First order of business before I do any cranial nerve/brain rehab is to clear the lymph‼️I teach ya that in our courses AND now will do it online in an upcoming special webcast. ANNOUNCING SOON!
If you are looking for help with chronic pain this ones for you.

Christina has had a painful toe for 4-5 years. When holding a plank position, she was in 8/10 pain however, after disc’ing she went to NO PAIN! Gotta LOVE ANF!

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