What emits more radiation than Fukushima? 

CIGARETTES! Yep, just one more reason to quit!

Did you also know that walnuts and banana’s also emit radiation? Strange!

The item that disgruntled the Cluzie team though, was the radiation impact of Apple Airpods. Not that we should discriminate … all bluetooth headphones are the same. It is just that the Apple ones are SO SO SO COOL with all the funky features … the box alone is enticing.

Well Suzie works remotely from the Sunny Coast for a Melbourne Corporate and is on daily phone meetings.

She has experimented with oodles of handsfree ear devices. Been through the dramas of:
– constantly tangling wires,
– earbuds falling out of ears … especially whilst riding,
– the crackle and pop of a crap line, and
– background audio being more present than her voice.

Then she bought the Apple AirPods and fell in love.


This video shows the impact of radiation and AirPods in a dramatic way.

Her first thought was NO, I don’t wanna go back to the DRAMA of before.

Instead of a cut and dry response though, Suzie has changed her habits in association with her use of the Apple AirPods.

Because of this video and education about the impacts of them, she now does not keep the AirPods in her ears all day waiting for a call … instead leaves them in the box until a call arrives.

Are you aware of the new technology impacts that you are using? Always worthwhile getting educated on what you are putting in your body.

Claire goes through 7 tips that you can to do reduce the effect of radiation in this video.

Well hope this info has helped educate you in some easy choices you can make to reduce the effect of radiation in your life.

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