Claire describes how ANF Therapy discs can be used for immune support, protection against viruses, or for use by high-risk health professionals.

Our mate Kimberly, an ANF practitioner in the US, shares her virus journey.

She is typically super healthy with a super strong immune system and rarely gets sick. However woke up on the 19/3 with a fever and felt ill.

19/3: slammed her system with vitamin discs, cortisone reduction, hormone discs and white blood cells. Felt better and fever reduced.

22/3: discs wore off and hot flushes and chills returned. Re-disc’d with all the vitamin discs.

23/3 – 25/3: added discs for lungs, then kidneys, then liver when each of those organs began to get under the pump and feeling fatigue.

27/3: added booster vitamin discs (8 discs) temperature was lower and as soon as applied discs, felt better immediately.

28/3 – 30/3: NO FEVER and felt better. on the 30/3 did an immunity support protocol – 5 discs.

Interesting to hear her journey with it all!

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