Tyack Health now doing ANF!

We are super excited to welcome the Tyack Health Group to the ANF family. Julia Tyack, founder and creator of the Tyack Health clinics has created two fabulous multi-disciplinary clinics with an incredibly collaborative atmosphere.

When Claire met her and her son, Joel (CEO), she knew all about frequencies and how they are affect the body already.

Julia totally understands how introducing ANF into both of her clinics as an additional tool for their toolbelt, that she will be enabling her practitioners to create even more fabulous results for their clients.

Here is Julia speaking at the end of the introductory ANF course on what she had learnt.

Plus, for all our Brissy clients, GET EXCITED as one of the Tyack clinics is located in Brissy and Julia is such a wealth of experience and knowledge because she has never stopped learning that you will be in some of the most capable hands in the Country.

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