How does alcohol impact Society?

Today’s video from Claire is on more of the Society impacts of drinking.ย 

Not for the faint-hearted! 

So sometimes we have clients come to Cluzie Clinic where the impact of alcohol is so obvious on the body.

The common ones are when we feel the liver and it is super hot – that you could boil an egg on it, or clammy and cold and we know the liver is not happy.

Or we palpate the heart or kidneys and there is instant pain. Pain is not normal!! However it is a great indication that something not ideal is going on.

The more straining stories we hear about are when there is abuse involved, whether that is the extreme of a drunken physical attack, a child stepping in and getting hurt, spoken abuse being hurled from a supposed loving partner etc.

Or it could be the more seemingly innocuous arvo drinking session which ends with a kid been given a whack for ‘being out of line”, or the tearful silent treatment result, or the harsh unfair and un-thought-through words.

How many times have you covered for a friend when they have done or said something that is just mean or careless? Just wiped it away with the comment “oh they were just a bit tipsy and forgot themselves a bit”.

What are we accepting on an everyday basis and allowing to proceed through silent un-acknowledgement of people’s actions.

Heavy heavy post today but everything has consequences. What consequences are you choosing to make today?

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