How much does stress really affect the body?

In ANF Therapy, we apply principles. One of which is that emotions trump all other systems and parts of the body.

Stress, in particular, can affect the body in sooo many ways!

This Ted Talk is one of the best that I have seen that shows a lot of the body impacts!

What is the real link between stress on the 6 human needs?ย 

Temeka is a young lawyer who is inundated with stress as part of her occupation.

In her body, the stress could be felt palpably where all nerve lines of her body were a 9-10 out of 10 pain upon palpation.

The symptoms that Temeka was experiencing was, sore and tight neck, headaches, overall tenderness. To look at Temeka, she looks like the epitome of health in a fit, young form. However, sometimes that silent killer, can do lots of damage to the body.

For Temeka, the first step was to reduce the global inflammation in her body. Second step will be to reduce the local inflammation that she will then be able to sense.

Lastly, we will take Temeka on a healing journey to help her with the tools for success for living in a stressful occupation.

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