What is ANF Therapy?

Health practitioners who have included ANF Therapy in their already excellent toolbelt are getting never-before-seen results for their patients.

What’s so different about it?

To begin with, ANF looks at the body as a whole, not merely at the sight of the ‘pain’.  What this means for patients is the issue causing the pain (as opposed to just the site of the pain) is addressed and resolved on a deep and lasting level.

ANF Therapy works directly with the nervous system (so it gets to the root of the problem) and utilises frequency-emitting ‘devices’, that look like round band-aids, to reboot/reset nerves that have been compromised through injury, illness, disease or… our old friend inflammation.

How does it work?

Our whole body is made up of electrical currents, all operating at different levels or frequencies. Just like a defibrillator resets the heart’s rhythm or frequency, so too does ANF Therapy reset the body’s frequencies.

The ANF ‘band aids’ (high tech ones at that!) are totally drug and chemical-free and are applied to strategic places on the body to work with each nerve cell to remind the body of the frequency where it performs optimally.  Once reminded of its optimal frequency, the body is prompted to copy the frequency allowing the affected area to begin its self-regulating and self-healing process.

ANF was developed by internationally renowned therapist Dr Mikel HG Hoff. It is quick to act and offers long-lasting results because it works at a cellular level. Patients may experience up to a 50% reduction in pain within 15 minutes, transforming physical and sporting performance while reducing pain and inflammation.

Being TGA registered, ANF Therapy gives patients a way of allowing their body to regulate itself and heal from the inside out. At times, when surgery seems to be the last straw and patients are getting more and more inclined to do it, ANF comes into the picture and prevents it from happening altogether.

Are there negative effects or risks involved?

Since this is a non-invasive, non-chemical therapy, ANF is typically safe. Each person’s response to the detox process can be different. When the body starts to eliminate waste products (toxins), it may experience a variety of symptoms like:

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Itchiness or redness (skin reactions)
  • Headache
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness/feeling light-headed
  • Fatigue
  • A sudden need to sleep

This can be uncomfortable; however, it is a positive sign as it indicates that the body is responding to the therapy and healing. These effects can be minutes or hours depending on how effective the body is at eliminating the toxins and calming down the inflammation.

Because inflammation is ‘invisible’, many individuals don’t know that they have it until they’re diagnosed with another condition. Looking healthy is definitely not enough, the goal is to feel healthy too!

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