Prostate Issues?

Claire speaks on prostate issues and how ANF can assist.

One gentleman whom came into the clinic has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.

He had made the decision that he did not want to proceed down the chemotherapy path and was checking out alternative healing options.

What happens when you have an enlarged prostate?

Well, is squishes your urethra (your pee line). This means, peeing is difficult as it is like peeing through a flat straw compared to a nice round one. Plus, become prone to urine infections and other bladder issues.

He found he could only sleep for 45 mins at a time and that he only pee’d small amounts. All culminating with low energy and not absolutely loving life.

Well when Claire did her holistic investigation of this gentleman, she knew that the health of the prostate is directly influenced by the liver and the kidneys so she applied ANF discs that help to optimise these organs.

In just a few days, the fella reported in that he was sleeping through the night (unheard of), that pee’ing had become a dream, that he had more energy than he has had in ages and just feels amazing.

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