April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month 🌷

Yes, we’re concluding this month with something of purpose and meaning!

It’s amazing how over the years, people have come to a great knowledge about this disease. 💡

Mikel HG Hoff who is the inventor of Amino Therapy did a video recording of one of his patients who has Parkinson’s.

Check out the video below to be inspired as to what Amino Therapy can do over a strategic and holistic plan.

Brings tears to our eyes everyday that we can achieve results like this for people! 🙏😇

Nevertheless, we should not just settle in providing cure to what’s an already existing issue but we need to ask WHY this issue is there in the first place..

Fact: Some people that live in a particular vineyard have a 10% more chance of having Parkinson’s than someone that doesn’t. They use a particular chemical on the vines. So why are we not asking for these things to be better regulated? 🤔

If you have ever met anybody that has a Parkinson’s disease, you’ll know how debilitating it is both for the person and their family.

So let’s ask more questions, let’s get things changed… 💪😉

📣 Listen in as Claire opens our eyes to a possible correlation of some diseases brought about by chemicals in agriculture and how it affects our health. A very important discussion that we can take part in. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

Let us open our eyes and hearts to the affairs of health and society. 

“If we can find out why these things are happening, then we can stop them. But we need to stop them together, as a collective.”

Life is beautiful – make the most out of it! 🙏💙

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