Vitality clinic program

I honestly feel AMAZING!!!!! I’ve been getting 5-6 hours of solid sleep every night, yay! Increase in energy levels and I feel more optimistic about life in general. My nausea and upset gut since having COVID has settled over the last week also. I am rested, I am energetic, I am productive.


I’ve been waking up earlier, getting all my work done, I’m not getting tired or crabby in the afternoons and I rarely yawned at all this week!! I’m so happy with my sustained energy throughout the day. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and ANF discs with me. I love them and can’t wait for more positive changes each week…


I am feeling great. I’ve been enjoying my deep sleeps and I’m really surprised how eyes have whitened and some of the lines have vanished.


This is the best course in the world. Are you making money?? Wow wee – the surprises just keep on coming. I’m absolutely blown away by it all.


12 week clinic 'VITALITY' course

This unique 12-week program has been created to help our clients achieve optimum modality in terms of health and healing. The program has been designed to help participants gain a new lease on life while achieving increased energy and eagerness for what tomorrow will bring. 

If you are aged 40 or above, you may be feeling exhausted and searching for a solution to regain your old self back. What you may not have realised is your body is filled with invisible inflammation caused by the toxic world we live in; from the beauty industry to the food we consume. Most things you have tried don't have long-lasting effects as they are treating a symptom rather than healing your body at the source for life-long lasting energy. 

Vitality Course Key Benefits: 

  • Wake up with vital energy instead of still being tired and never feeling refreshed
  • No longer feel bloated and puffy without having to restrict yourself to a “rabbit diet” of lettuce and cucumber
  • Brighter, clear-eyes instead of having bags under your eyes


Course Inclusions:

  • A private call to fully understand your situation, set goals etc.
  • Weekly live group video calls to educate and tweak things in your life to ensure less toxicity, better choices, and improving health. We look at ALL aspects of your life with a different topic each week.
  • Weekly ANF Therapy treatments - can be done yourself at home – Lymphatic, hormones, gut, organs, neurotransmitters, vitamins etc will be enhanced.
  • Live Video Movement classes designed to release tension, traumas and emotions and get the body moving better.
  • Gift pack.
  • And more…