Cluzie Academy

Educating Health Practitioners in ANF Therapy

Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Therapy is disrupting and revolutionising the health industry, providing a new way to deal with the source of patients’ pain and inflammation, not just the symptoms, and return them to optimal physical performance and function.

If you’re searching for a holistic approach for your patients, or have patients you haven’t been able to help any further, ANF Therapy is an ideal opportunity. It’s a way to not only serve your clients better, but also add value to your current healing modality and provide an additional income stream for your business.

Cluzie Academy boasts Australia’s first fully certified ANF holistic practitioner - Claire Dunkley - who is also an experienced registered nurse. Our training includes instruction on the application of neuro transmitter discs to assist with patients who present symptoms of autoimmune diseases and mental illness, through to sport injuries and chronic fatigue. Our discs are listed in the ARTG, ARTG no 306141 and patients can experience a reduction in pain of up to 50% in 15 minutes.

Who We Work With

Remedial Massuers
Exercise Physiologists
Vet Nurses
Thoroughbred Trainers
Sport Coaches and Trainers

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Business Coaching

Within the Cluzie Academy, we not only train health practitioners in how to add ANF therapy to their healing modality toolbox, we also undertake Business Coaching.

What we know is that Health Practitioners are AMAZING in the operations side of their business, however, they are also responsible for the other business components including: marketing, finance, admin, business thought-leadership etc. and this can be overwhelming and filled with confusion as to what the "best" next step forward is.

Suzieanne Baxter is our head Business Coach and assists Practice Owners so that they optimise their business model for greatest cash flow and are able to focus their energy on the high value business items.

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