What is ANF?

A revolutionary, holistic approach to treating pain and inflammation, increasing sporting performance and vet animal health

Working directly with the nervous system, Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Therapy utilises frequency-emitting devices to reboot nerves that have been compromised through injury, illness or disease.

Imagine your body is like an Internet connection. When it’s performing optimally… it’s like super fast NBN. If your body experiences injury or illness… and your nervous system isn’t properly receiving messages from your brain… it’s more like dial-up on a rainy day. Then a virus hits and it’s like a storm has taken out your connection altogether.

Every organ and tissue in your body has a specific resonance frequency, when they’re operating at their best. ANF discs, carefully applied by your practitioner, work with each nerve cell to remind the body of the frequency where it performs optimally… enabling the body to copy the frequency… and thus the affected area will begin to self-regulate and self-heal. This in turn reduces inflammation and pain and returns the body to optimum function and balance.

Developed by internationally renowned therapist Dr Mikel HG Hoff, ANF uses ground-breaking science, technology and methodology - but without drugs, chemicals or intrusive treatments. NASA developed materials, combined with thorough clinical examination and diagnostic techniques, assist in healing the body at the source of pain and inflammation. Our discs are listed in the ARTG, ARTG no 306141.

Because we’re working at a cellular level, ANF therapy is quick to act and offers long lasting results. Patients may experience up to a 50% reduction in pain within 15 minutes, transforming physical and sporting performance while reducing pain and inflammation.

ANF Therapy can only be provided by medically trained health practitioners.