Cluzie Distribution

The Sole Distributor of ANF Discks in Australia and New Zealand

Cluzie Distribution is the sole distributor of ANF Discs in Australia and New Zealand.

There are three ranges of discs:

1) Amino Neuro Frequency ANF discs: these are human and small animal based discs for specialised use by registered health practitioners only. They are used on a variety of illnesses, diseases, injuries, pain and inflammation.

2) SportsFreq discs: these are human based discs specifically for athletes and their coaches and trainers. They are used for increasing sporting performance, rehabilitation and injury management.

3) VET discs: these discs are for animal health.

ANF Discs are listed in the ARTG, ARTG number 306141.

If you would like to discuss having your products distributed by Cluzie Distribution, please contact the Head Office.