All the Benefits Of The Vitality Program

Claire and Suzie share oodles of stories about how the vitality program has transformed people’s lives for the better.

Just one of the stories is about one 40yo lady and her husband died unexpectedly. Joining in Vitality, her big aim for the program was to improve the quality of her sleep. Before joining the program, she only slept for 2 hours a night but after 2 or 3 weeks she was having great results. She started to sleep 5 hours a night and then towards the end of the program, she’s now sleeping 7 hours a night. She was also able to cope a lot better. So her life has gone from devastation to let’s start the rebuild phase. And that is just one experience from one person that joined in the Vitality program. If you want to learn more about the benefits and how Vitality can help you out, press play and listen in.

Are you in pain? or just not living? Vitality Program is the key!

Work. From the word itself, you can already conclude that it comes with doing lots of stuff. We need that to sustain life. With work, there is stress and physical, emotional, or mental pain. The question lies, Are we living life? Or are we just functioning to get things done?Vitality Program is a 12-week course offered by Cluzie Clinic. It’s a program to bring you back to default. At the end of the program, you’d be controlling and living life to its fullest by having the energy to do things you want to do.

But first, you have to ask yourself.If by any chance you have been dying to know the answer to one of these questions above. There’s still time to take control.

Some were the same as you. But after the program? Here they are.Not just that, Some people took the time to send their gratitude, as they were feeling good, away from the pain that they were in before.
We’ve compiled the reviews we got from people who signed up for the Vitality program and we thought these might inspire you to join in.

There are a lot of good things that this program could give to you. YOU COULD BE THE NEXT. Would you take it? or Leave it?

I’d surely take it. What about you?

I loved being interviewed by Kristy from the Project Inbetween about my story. Have a listen in and a giggle with us. My story is very unique coming from a lifetime of innately being a healer through different roles as nurse, farmer, ANF therapist, worldwide ANF Instructor. This is a bit about my journey… enjoy.

Thanks to Kate and the Publicity Princess for all of their help.

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